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Our mission is

To seamlessly blend the innovation of digital assets with the stability of real-world elements, creating a crypto ecosystem that's accessible, secure, and rewarding



Continuously pushing the boundaries of technology and service


Commitment to clear, open communication and operations

User empowerment

Prioritizing the protection of our users' assets and data


Prioritizing the protection of our users' assets and data


Building and nurturing a strong, supportive community of users and enthusiasts

Core members

Faisal Alsharif
Project manager


Tamer Nabil
Lead advisor
Vincent de Vos
Token strategy advisor


Phase 1: NFT release and initial development
Phase 2: Setting up the Peer-to-peer marketplace
Phase 3: Launching Project Singularity beta
NFT launch

The project kicks off with the release of a series of Golden Pass Card NFTs. These digital assets, beyond their intrinsic value and utility within the ecosystem, play a crucial role in funding the initial stages of development.

Utilization of NFT sales proceeds

The revenue generated from NFT sales is allocated towards further development and expansion of the ecosystem. This includes enhancing the technological infrastructure, refining user interfaces, and initiating marketing campaigns to broaden outreach.

Development and testing

Focus on building a robust and user-friendly P2P marketplace platform. This phase involves extensive testing to ensure a secure and efficient trading environment.

Integration with Abraham Elite ecosystem

Seamlessly integrate the marketplace with the rest of the ecosystem, allowing for the use of ABRA token and NFTs in transactions.

Official launch and user onboarding

Roll out the marketplace to users, accompanied by educational resources and support to facilitate ease of use and adoption.

Beta development

Develop and refine the beta version of Project Singularity, focusing on incorporating user feedback from early testers and stakeholders.

Community engagement

Engage with the community to gather insights and expectations, ensuring the game aligns with user interests and market trends.

Beta testing and iteration

Conduct comprehensive beta testing, gathering data to iterate and improve upon the gaming experience.

Wanna be a partner? Here are some ways

Technology and infrastructure
Collaborations with tech companies and infrastructure providers are crucial for enhancing our platform's capabilities. These partnerships ensure we have access to cutting-edge technology, robust security measures, and scalable solutions
Gaming and entertainment
Given the integral role of Project Singularity, partnerships within the gaming and entertainment industry are vital. These collaborations bring in creative content, innovative gaming technology, and a broader audience base
Financial and investment entities
Teaming up with financial institutions and investment firms provides us with the necessary financial expertise and resources. These partnerships are key to navigating the complex financial landscape of digital currencies.
Marketing and community outreach
Collaborations with marketing firms and community organizations help in promoting our project and engaging with a wider audience. These partnerships are essential for building a strong, active community around Abraham Elite
Liquidity and exchange platforms
Partnerships with DEXs and CEXs are important for ensuring the liquidity of ABRA token and facilitating its access to traders and investors.
Reach out to us at info@abrahamelite.com
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